Relieving Anxiety and Calming the Classroom

How Can I Help My Child? He won't....(listen, tap, learn, obey...) Surrogate Tapping

That is the most common questions parents and teachers alike ask me.  How do I GET MY CHILD TO...do something, or NOT do something.  And my first response might be, "Why do you want them to?"  Once I get more information, I begin to see that the first thing to do is to change THEIR energy about the situation.  

How do we do that?  We teach them to tap on all the reasons and feelings they have about "the problem".  I helpfully guide them to discover more reasons that underlie those first ones, and we "get curious" together, about the many aspects of "the problem".  Once we've done the necessary 'detective work', it becomes easier to tap for the parent/teacher duress, which helps them get back to their calm, resourceful state.

NOW is the time when I might offer to teach them SURROGATE tapping, which is to tap for someone else. You may designate someone to 'act as' the person you're wanting to send the healing to, or you might decide to use yourself, instead.  Yes, I really am suggesting you tap for the child or person you're struggling with.

The are excellent protocols to follow for this, and I enjoy teaching people how to do it.  Remarkable changes ARE possible, using surrogate tapping, AFTER tapping yourself, first.  

Here's an excellent example, an audio interview, between two dear friends of mine, EFT Practitioner Gene Monterastelli, and EFT Master Gwyneth Moss.  I'm happy to share this excellent audio with you.  Please listen, pass along, and I'd love to hear from you if you'd like me to teach you, your group or your school how to tap for empowerment, stress reduction, test anxiety reduction, emotional behaviors, and performance issues. too!  Jondi@TappingStar.com


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