Relieving Anxiety and Calming the Classroom

Dolphins Don't Climb Trees! Tapping Kids With ADHD

Rick Wilkes joined us for a TappingStar conversation this month.  Hear what he has to say about working with kids that many have labeled as 'something's wrong with this child'... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio/2012/04/20/rick-wilkes-on-hel...

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As a parent and a practitioner, Rick guides us to tapping our vibrational energy into peaceful balance, THEN teaching our loved ones to do the same. Tapping activates our own inner guidance system; what better gift to give our children? 

Viewing the many energy viewpoints and varieties of children allows us to see them with fresh eyes; when we do that, a whole different paradigm is available to us and to them.  A good place to start is to ask, "What do I appreciate about this child?"  Give it a try, and listen as Rick brings his loving and practical spirit to this popular question, tapping with kids and ADHD.


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