Relieving Anxiety and Calming the Classroom


TappingStar recommends the following products:

We feature several in particular below AND celebrate these fins pioneers in Tapping with children, via their books and materials: 

Anne Unsworth's EFT for Children (UK)
Angie Mucillo's Tapping for Kids (AU)
Steve Wells' Rose & the Night Monsters (AU)
Goodbye OuLynne Namka's chies & Grouchies (AZ)
Brad Yates' Wizards Wish (CA)
Gallagher/Karjala's Taming Trauma Beasties (GA)
Lionel Lowry's Super Emotions (KY)
Sue Busen's Tapping Into Joy (IL)
Patsy Anthony's Tapping with Children (CA)
Jan Yordy's Be the Boss of Your Feelings (CN)
Jayne Ferreira's Tapping Away the Blues (CN)
Terry Lynch's Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance (NJ)
Elizabeth Solana Calabro's Tapping for Teachers (CA)
Christy Lynn Anana's I can Feel Better (WA)
Alex Kent's Big Ted's Guide to Tapping (UK)

And now to talk about some friends' work we've followed:

New, from Washington State Counselor of the Year Christy Lynn Anana, the first in here series of I AM HEALING books, an easy Tapping follow-along called I CAN FEEL BETTER.  It's a perfect try-it-you'll-like-it size and scope.  You can order from Amazon.

The new Tapping With Children book by Canadian teacher and author, Patsy Anthony:

  • "Tap into Joy" book by Susan Busen for parents, kids and teachers   A book and reference guide for kids and tapping; there is a newer, adult version also available.
  • The Wizard's Wish, a book for children by Brad Yates

  • EFT for Children, a handbook for teachers and parents by Anne Unsworth
  • Bringing EFT Into Schools, A Guide for Practitioners by Anne Unsworth
  • Tapping for Kids, and The EFT Palace of Possibilities by Angie Mucillo


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