Relieving Anxiety and Calming the Classroom

Having the pleasure of working with an elementary school for at-risk boys, among my favorite stories is one of a very bright, handsome slightly autistic boy whose parents behavior was quite unsettling for him.   He was also teased and bullied a lot at school, and while it was hurtful, what bothered him more was disappointment in himself when on occasion he lashed out at the perpetrators.  We worked on the teasing and bulling and worked on self-regulation for circumstances at home and elsewhere.  I suggested he consider a little surrogate tapping for mom and dad, jus to see what happened, reminding him he'd be borrowing benefits at the same time.  The next time we met it was all I could do to contain my emotions.  He couldn't wait to tell me he'd been tapping a lot and lots for mom and dad.  Glowing, he shared that there had been a noticeable difference in the frequency and intensity of arguments between his parents.  I praised his efforts and expressed my joy and happiness for him.  

Walking down the hallways days following, he seemed to appear from nowhere and greeted me with giant hugs.

If we give them the tools and encouragement, miracles and magic take place!!  

We simply can't give up on getting this into schools everywhere.  

Let the magic and miracles begin now!! 


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