Relieving Anxiety and Calming the Classroom

Bullying Problems? Check out EFT Master Ann Adams' ebook

This is one of the first EFT books about and for children, and still one of the very best!  I highly recommend it.

It's called Sally & The Bully, by EFT Master Ann Adams.

Bullying isn't new and isn't going away anytime soon.  So why don't we learn how to talk about and pass practical and helpful information along to our children and those who care for them?  Simple conversation may be the first safe connection that child encounters, and the one thing they need most!

Ann says, "At a Social Worker Conference in Georgia in 1999, I first learned about EFT. I was then directing a residential treatment program for children. Originally skeptical, I decided to look into this unusual sounding technique. I studied EFT for months, used it with folks outside of the program and, because I did not want to experiment with the children I served I called Gary for references to others using this technique. After using EFT with the children, I wrote stories for Gary Craig’s newsletter and presented for his Specialty Series videos about using EFT with children. If you would like a transcript of that talk contact me."



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