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I always enjoy the videos on TED.com   Somehow they reflect back to me the finest in us all – the compassion, the innovation, the excitement, an up-close and personal, real-time glimpse of Humans, Being.  And so I watched with joy as a teacher named John Hunter described his life’s work unfolding.  

John Hunter is a fourth grade school teacher in Virginia, who is busy bringing the world to his students, to fix.  And not just his interpretation of the world.  Our real world, in all of its complexity, beauty, chaos and humanity.  And here’s the unexpected surprise: they do.  Nine year olds, busy at work, are fixing the world for better.

What I wouldn’t have given to have been in that 4th grade classroom.  Where would I be now?  What kind of faith would I have in myself after my teacher trusted me with the steering wheel for the world, and convinced me that MY efforts were crucial to its future and success?  Now skip to the part where John Hunter mentions that his teachers, including his mom, still come THROUGH him;  he's aware that it is through him that others will also experience those teachers, that spark of life, that trust that the world will go on, and will be the better for our having passed this way.  It got me thinking.  Do my teachers still come through me?  Am I allowing this in my life and in my teaching?

I am musing upon the long, unbroken line that is possible when we are 'Allowing'.  I’ll not try your patience with my overlong list, but I hope to give you the whisper of their names on my lips and in my heart for their generosity of spirit, their investment, their faith, in me, and in the world - 


Dear teachers, (official or not) in schools, homes, buses and by-ways:

I see you.  I remember you.  I feel your presence in my classroom, in school and in Life, to this day.  You are coming through me.  

And so today I raise my cup in gratitude to the many who come through me.  For the fact that there were (and are) so many.  

That they paused to see me, recognize me, and lifted me up gently over the parapet so I could catch a glimpse of what could be.  

That they would not settle for somnolent, but insisted I awake. 

I am the better for it.  Today I am the manifestation of the person they envisioned within that child's body and mind. And I am rich.  I am mindful.  And I am grateful.

For every good reason, let’s pause together today and breathe in this question: Are your teachers coming through you?


Thanks for sharing this time with me,


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