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Do Your Teachers Still Come Through You?

I always enjoy the videos on TED.com   Somehow they reflect back to me the finest in us all – the compassion, the innovation, the excitement, an up-close and personal, real-time glimpse of Humans, Being.  And so I watched with joy as a teacher named John Hunter described his life’s work unfolding.  …


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Caregiver Burn-Out & Compassion Fatigue

Quickly learn rapid relief from everyday overwhelm, meltdown, confusion.  




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Team-up in classrooms to feel free to be!

Last november I did a presentation at the Energy Congerence from the Guild of Energists in Eastbourne, UK. A presentation abouthow I used Energy EFT in classrooms to Team Up the group as one! And every child as unique unit in itself. But I start with the group, the whole group aiming…


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Do We Teach Our Kids to Give Away Their Power?

Reading an internet blog today gave me inspiration to write this piece; it's for all of us - those who were parented (through every good intention) to give away our power, and those of us raising kids who struggle NOT to make the same mistakes.

Specifically, when we intrude on a child's ability to say 'No' to either their perceptions, opinions or ability to refuse touch affection by ignoring them, not taking them seriously, or riding roughshod over their protests, we are saying…


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I'm 'Allergic' to Big Dogs!

    "I'm allergic to big dogs!," he squealed, as my aged dachshund Ivey waddled past him on the sidewalk.  

Ivey was used to city life - garbage trucks, sirens, aggressive pit bull owners, tiny barking things, and even squirming,…


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'Love Ninja'

I'm passing along a blog post from an amazing writer, author and blogger Glennon Doyle Melton's blog, Momastery. Another example of a teacher's extraordinary effort to bring light to the lives of children in school.
Peace, Lisa

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Hello, all.   We've had several new members of late and all of you share Sue's and my goal of getting tapping into schoools - for EVERYBODY's benefit!  I am pleased to say that I think a 'tipping poi…

Hello, all.  
We've had several new members of late and all of you share Sue's and my goal of getting tapping into schoools -…

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Child Whispering? For real?

Hey, there really is a way to get a handbook for kids.  Turns out they DO actually come with one!  I recently talked with Carol Tuttle about her fantastically helpful new book, The Child Whisperer.  


It's a very revealing look at you, your child or those in your family or work, and how you might better understand each other.  And that means less tears, tangles, tantrums and more progress, learning, peace and freedom to be who we really are.  My favorite chapter is called,…


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How Can I Help My Child? He won't....(listen, tap, learn, obey...) Surrogate Tapping

That is the most common questions parents and teachers alike ask me.  How do I GET MY CHILD TO...do something, or NOT do something.  And my first response might be, "Why do you want them to?"  Once I get more information, I begin to see that the first thing to do is to change THEIR energy about the situation.  

How do we do that?  We teach them to tap on all the reasons and feelings they have about "the problem".  I helpfully guide them to discover more reasons that underlie…


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Dolphins Don't Climb Trees! Tapping Kids With ADHD

Rick Wilkes joined us for a TappingStar conversation this month.  Hear what he has to say about working with kids that many have labeled as 'something's wrong with this child'... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio/2012/04/20/rick-wilkes-on-helping-children-with-adhd

Listen to…

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Ann Adams - Working with Kids, and RESPECT

ANN ADAMS' powerpoint for working with kids: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Ann Adams visited our TappingStar radio show (here's the link, on EFT Radio Online), and she also made a fantastic…


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