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Join us in promoting tapping in schools around the world. We are a source of information and inspiration. Share your stories!

Invitation to Share Your Photos

We welcome photos and videos of your tapping work with children, students and kids groups!  The photos and videos on this site are of field work done by our members.  We are happy to share them with you!  (Please send clear pictures that help others easily understand the eventor technique in the photos. (And don't forget, you can use the forum blogs to talk about and share all sorts of helpful things you've learned.   Thanks!)


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Photos are from our members

To see which member contributed each photo above, click on the photo to see the full size.  The photographer, or member's name, is posted under the full-sized picture.

TappingStar's Function

This site is a labor of love and service.  We promote a 60-second, do-it-yourself technique to reduce anxiety, increase learning, and improve performance, resulting in a new generation of  healthier, happier children, worldwide.

                WE ARE ALL ABOUT RESOURCES!  

Recordings and videos, downloads and articles are available from the pull down tabs, above, under Download Resources, Articles & RADIO.




                              Emotional First-aid for Children

                                                          Available on Amazon


This class takes place several times a year, in different locations.  You can host one in your city, too! : )   All classes are posted here under EVENTS and also on EFT International.com, under Training Events. Need more info? Contact Jondi@TappingStar.com


For more information, contact Jondi@TappingStar.com and the events section of this site, and here.  You can reserve your place here: www.TappingStar.com/Training


           Want to Know How to Get EFT/Tapping Into Schools?


See our flyer for more information.


Sue@TappingStar.com    Sue Tarlton, TappingStar Co-Founder


WORTH SEEING:  NPR's excellent new podcast on Hidden Brain, Parenting and all sorts of 'news you can use.'   Why do so many Parents stress out, trying to raise their children?  

"The idea is that if you just do the right things, get the right skills, read the right books, you're going to be able to shape your child into a particular kind of adult," she says.

What if that simply isn't true?  More is in our Resource section, under tab above.

EFT: Child Focus, Creative Tapping Techniques for Working for Children and Emotional First-Aid for Children are all courses made by AAMET International Master Trainer Jondi Whitis.  For more information, contact Jondi@TappingStar.com


Did you see our TappingStar Radio Show with

Expert Teacher Tapper & Author  Patsy Anthony?

Hear this great show and hear about her marvelous new book, on EFTradioOnline, under the TappingStar label!


TappingStar's 2 Sites

TappingStar is a public site created to encourage the use of tapping in schools, institutions, parenting, mentoring and for those who work with children. TappingStar has various free resources available to you.

We also have a membership site, Tapping in Schools, created to provide templates, samples, examples, forums and products for those who are implementing education-site programs. To join, please send an e-mail to us at Sue@TappingStar.com.


TappingStar's Mission/Vision/Goals

TappingStar was created to encourage the use of tapping* and other meridian tapping techniques (MTT) in schools and other group settings. The founders of TappingStar are committed to educating the public, as well as education professionals, about the benefits of providing all students with these basic life skills. Since then, we've added more subjects to serve not only children, but those who work with them, serve them or raise them.  It's our Intention to provide the best information and techniques out there, to raise happy, healthy, empowered children who can change the world.

Towards that end, each month we present the innovators, authors and experts at work in the world today, to you, and encourage you to pass this life-affirming information on to others.  It's our way to Pay It Forward, and we hope you'll not only be inspired,but that you'll join us in this movement and mission.

                                                 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

TappingStar associates and affiliates conduct introductory and advanced presentations and workshops to the public, provide in-service education and training to educators and create and conduct customized "tap-in" programs for schools and school districts.

TappingStar's goal is to reach 5,000 classrooms in the United States and 10,000 classrooms globally.

We enlist your support in reaching these goals. Download handouts, join as an affiliate and use curriculum guides and marketing materials. TappingStar support is readily available.

We ask that you provide success stories and statistical evidence to us about how tapping has worked in your schools and classrooms. Let us know locations of classrooms that are using tapping.

*Tapping dissolves stress, tension and anxiety, as well as balances personal energy so students can stay focused on learning. The method is safe, fast and effective. Students learn to use a do-it-yourself approach for managing their stress, that works in less than a minute, and is completely drug-free.


Blog Posts

Take 5: Support for Children Through Divorce & Separation

This year I branched out a bit from my usual EFT Tapping training and discussions, into an area I saw that needed a lot of support:  The rise of childhood anxiety and overwhelm.

It's a huge subject, and I am not suggesting that I solved it, but hear me out:

I surmise the epidemic-like rise of childhood anxiety,…


Posted by Jondi Whitis on January 2, 2022 at 3:50pm

Children Surrogate Tapping

Having the pleasure of working with an elementary school for at-risk boys, among my favorite stories is one of a very bright, handsome slightly autistic boy whose parents behavior was quite unsettling for him.   He was also teased and bullied a lot at school, and while it was hurtful, what bothered him more was disappointment in himself when on occasion he lashed out at the perpetrators.  We worked on the teasing and bulling and worked on self-regulation for circumstances at home and…


Posted by Sophia Cayer on March 1, 2019 at 3:54pm

Do Your Teachers Still Come Through You?

I always enjoy the videos on TED.com   Somehow they reflect back to me the finest in us all – the compassion, the innovation, the excitement, an up-close and personal, real-time glimpse of Humans, Being.  And so I watched with joy as a teacher named John Hunter described his life’s work unfolding.  …


Posted by Jondi Whitis on October 26, 2018 at 6:30am

Caregiver Burn-Out & Compassion Fatigue

Quickly learn rapid relief from everyday overwhelm, meltdown, confusion.  


When we use Creative Tapping Techniques for Emotional…


Posted by Jondi Whitis on October 18, 2018 at 7:00am


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